25 May Generation Skipping Tax

Generation Skipping Tax The Generation Skipping Tax (GST) is a tax that is levied against gratuitous transfers of property during life or at death that exceed the certain exemption limit and the transfer is to a person who is two or more generations below the grantor...

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29 Jul Intestate Succesion

Intestate Succession Intestate succession or intestacy refers to the process a probate court goes through to administer the estate of a decedent who has died without executing a valid will. This occurs when an individual dies without writing a will or the will they have is...

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Digital Estate Planning

29 Jul Digital Estate Planning

Digital Assets After Death Digital estate planning is a way to plan for your death and determine what happens to your assets after you die. Because many people are uncomfortable with thinking about their death, essential estate planning steps are never taken or enacted. However, with...

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Probate Law and Estate Planning: MacLaren Law

21 Jul Probate Procedures

  Five Types of Probate Proceedings Probate is a formal legal process that serves as the first step in administering the estate of a decedent and giving proper recognition to the decedent’s will, by resolving all claims and distributing all property under the will. The probate court...

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23 Dec Estate Planning Year-End Checklist

  The Holidays are here! In our family, the Holidays are the busiest time of year. They are filled with family gatherings, holiday parties, shopping, gift giving, more shopping, and estate planning. Yes, estate planning. While estate planning may initially be the...

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17 Oct National Estate Planning Awareness Week, October 17-23, 2011

National Estate Planning Awareness Week,  October 17-23, 2011  Jacqueline Ferris MacLaren, Esq. of  MacLaren Law LLC announces today that she is joining her colleagues in a public relations campaign to showcase National Estate Planning Awareness Week, October 17-23, 2011. According to a 2010 industry trends survey of estate...

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