Timeshare Estate Planning

07 Sep Timeshare Estate Planning

What is a Timeshare? A timeshare is a property, typically a vacation property, where multiple owners share a right to use the property. Usually, most timeshare owners buy a right to use the property during an allocated week of the year. It is important to remember...

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25 May Generation Skipping Tax

Generation Skipping Tax The Generation Skipping Tax (GST) is a tax that is levied against gratuitous transfers of property during life or at death that exceed the certain exemption limit and the transfer is to a person who is two or more generations below the grantor...

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Equine Law

26 Jan Stable Owner Lien Part 2: What is a Public Sale?

Ohio Stable Owner Liens: What is a Public Sale? ORC 1311.49 is Ohio’s governing law for stable owner liens. ORC 1311.29 allows for: If the owner of an animal, upon written demand by the lienholder, fails to satisfy a lien acquired under section 1311.48 of the Revised Code the...

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Business Planning

19 Jan Business Planning for the New Year

Business Planning for the New Year Family-owned and closely-held business often face the temptation to operate their businesses in an informal manner by not putting contracts or key business decisions in writing, holding shareholder meetings, nor keeping detailed records. This means that those businesses may not...

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UCC Article 2 Good Warranties

22 Dec UCC Article 2 Warranties

Giving the Gift of Good Warranties With the holiday season in full force, many consumers are out purchasing gifts for friends and loved ones. Most consumers will solely focus on price or quality of product when searching for that perfect gift. However, consumers should also take...

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Family Caregiver Compensation Guidelines

24 Nov Family Caregiver Compensation Guidelines

Family Caregiver Compensation Guidelines As large segments of the American population grow older, they will require increasing levels of care and assistance in their daily lives. These Americans and their families will have to make decisions about what care is right for the person and who...

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Power of Attorney

23 Nov FAQs About POAs

FAQs about POAs Power of Attorney documents are important tool in the estate planning process. However, many people who are declared agent’s for another person do not know what responsibilities and powers this duty comes with. What is a Power of Attorney? A Power of Attorney is a...

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Probate Court

20 Aug Frequently Asked Questions About Probate

Probate Court Frequently Asked Questions 1.What is Probate? Probate is a formal legal process that serves as the first step in administering the estate of a decedent and giving proper recognition to the decedent’s will, by resolving all claims and distributing all property under the will. The...

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29 Jul Intestate Succesion

Intestate Succession Intestate succession or intestacy refers to the process a probate court goes through to administer the estate of a decedent who has died without executing a valid will. This occurs when an individual dies without writing a will or the will they have is...

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Digital Estate Planning

29 Jul Digital Estate Planning

Digital Assets After Death Digital estate planning is a way to plan for your death and determine what happens to your assets after you die. Because many people are uncomfortable with thinking about their death, essential estate planning steps are never taken or enacted. However, with...

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