Equine Law

26 Jan Stable Owner Lien Part 2: What is a Public Sale?

Ohio Stable Owner Liens: What is a Public Sale? ORC 1311.49 is Ohio’s governing law for stable owner liens. ORC 1311.29 allows for: If the owner of an animal, upon written demand by the lienholder, fails to satisfy a lien acquired under section 1311.48 of the Revised Code the...

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Stable Owner Liens

15 Jul Stable Owner Liens

  Ohio Stable Owner Liens Boarding Stables have long had to deal with horse owners who fail to pay for their horses care month after month. Much like a landlord who has to deal with a tenant who refuses to pay rent, stable owners have a very...

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25 Mar Estate Planning For Your Pets

What Will Happen To My Pet When I Die? You don’t have an Estate Plan (No Will) or you have a Will but have not specifically provided for your Pet: Who decides what happens to my Pet? The Probate Judge? Most likely, your horse will be...

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11 Aug Equine Business or Hobby?

Equine Business or Hobby? If an equine business engaged in by an individual, partnership or subchapter S corporation shows a profit in 2 years within a 7 year period (beginning with the 1st profit year), it will be presumed to be engaged in for profit, with...

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