Probate Court

20 Aug Frequently Asked Questions About Probate

Probate Court Frequently Asked Questions 1.What is Probate? Probate is a formal legal process that serves as the first step in administering the estate of a decedent and giving proper recognition to the decedent’s will, by resolving all claims and distributing all property under the will. The...

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29 Jul Intestate Succesion

Intestate Succession Intestate succession or intestacy refers to the process a probate court goes through to administer the estate of a decedent who has died without executing a valid will. This occurs when an individual dies without writing a will or the will they have is...

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14 Jul Business Probate Nightmares

Business Probate Nightmares For many business owners, the future planning of their business falls into budgeting, inventory orders, and new product development. However, business owners need to include estate planning in their future planning of their business. Failing to properly plan for your business after your...

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