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Ohio Equine Law

Our attorney, Jacqueline Ferris MacLaren, has been an owner, breeder, and competitor at the local, regional, and national levels for more than 25 years. Attorney MacLaren has represented owners, hobbyists, and businesses in the horse industry throughout Ohio with liability issues, business organization and optimization, and negotiating horse sales or purchases. Taxation issues matter how big or small equine needs may be, seeking the counsel of an experienced equine law attorney will allow you to make sure your horse is protected. 

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Estate Planning for Your Horse

A pet trust is an agreement that specifies how an owner wants a pet to be cared for, including details on who will be responsible for the animal and how the care will be paid for. The most important aspect of a pet trust is to ensure the pet and funds can be turned over quickly to the caregiver. A pet trust will ensure that your horse does not end up in a shelter or bought at auction by a “killer buyer.” Ensure that your horse is well-cared for after you are gone by creating a pet trust today.

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Does an Equine Attorney Represent Horses?

Equine attorneys do not represent horses. However, they can represent any person involved in the equine industry, including horse owners, riders, grooms, and stable owners. They can also ensure that your horse(s) are taken care of according to your wishes if something happens to you.

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